Sunday, July 23, 2006

when we say we like to try crazy things it means we like to try new tricks,as in flips and weird recipes!just wanted ya'll to know!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

hey we are two cutie girlz from north carolina! we like to try crazy things(if we can)!we both are kinda into guys! or well one of us is! the other is crazy about guys! the one who is kinda into guys is jordan! she loves gymnastics! i am the one that is crazy about guys!i am grace! i love volleyball and softball! they rock!we both like to read!grace loves magizines!books they are so boring!jordan loves to start trends! she has her own fashion!
it is cool! we are very athletic! one is a blonde but is actually smart!grace on the other hand, is stupid! she is burnette,but has her blonde moments! they are so funny! but she has issues! big issues!she is smart when it comes to boys! she practically stalks them! it is so true! she stalked one in mcdonalds! jordan,she is the smart one in the family! she don't have really good come backs though! we rock the state of north carolina

we are two sweet and cute girlz from north carolina!